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PlenumPlus A2X-1965 Cast Aluminum Condensate Pump

The A2X-1965 condensate pump, with heavy-duty cast-aluminum reservoir

Hartell’s A2X-1965 series is a reliable and proven product for high pumping capacity in plenum air handling spaces. Our condensate pump is designed to meet the rigorous standards for plenum air handling spaces. It features a durable cast aluminum reservoir that provides superior performance and longevity.

Technology that Meets The Highest Standards

Hartell’s model A2X-1965 commercial grade series has been successfully tested and met the standards of United Laboratories 2043. The testing validates if the products are fire-resistant and produce low-smoke in commercial air-handling spaces like venting and air ducts. This is an added safety precaution to keep the air supply safe in the event of a building fire.

Unsurpassed Performance of Your Air Conditioning System 

Reliable performance of a condensate pump is important for optimal operation of air conditioning systems. Hartell condensate pumps reliably remove the excess water that is produced when air conditioning systems and HVAC units cool the air. This water, known as condensate, can accumulate in the unit and cause damage if not removed. That is where Hartell condensate pumps come in. Known also as condensate removal pumps – they are designed to remove the excess water and pump it to a drain or other appropriate location.

Safety First

Plenum spaces are needed for circulation in any building, however, they also bring some problems of not being fire-proof because of the high oxygen content and lack of fire barriers. It is possible for fires to spread quickly and spread noxious smoke throughout a building if cables are left untreated. 

This is why Hartel’s A2X-1965 cast aluminum condensate pump is fully plenum rated. Plenum rated means that the pump meets the strict safety standards required for air handling spaces.

Cast Aluminum Reservoir

The rugged design of the A2X-1965 condensate pump features a large cast aluminum reservoir for high pumping capacity. Cast aluminum also means that the reservoir is less likely to crack or leak, ensuring a longer lifespan for the pump. The cast aluminum reservoir also helps to dissipate heat more efficiently, which can reduce the risk of the pump overheating.

Partner with Hartell

Hartell delivers reliable and efficient condensate pumps for plenum air handling spaces. Our A2X-1965 series stands out in our portfolio with a cast aluminum reservoir. With its superior durability, heat dissipation, and safety features, you can be sure that the A2X-1965 series condensate pump will provide years of trouble-free performance. Plus, you can order your pump today and have it delivered straight to your door.