Performance and safety in your ceiling

Hartell’s condensate pumps offer performance and safety right out of the box, in an easy-to-apply standard package for both residential and commercial HVAC applications.

A3-A5 combo

High Temperature Condensate

  • Hartell uses oil and chemical resistant high-temperature rated materials with robust design elements to provide a new standard of quality and long service life. We provide three levels of motor bearing protection from steam and water splash to ensure maximum motor life.
L4X updated

High Capacity Condensate

  • Hartell pumps include large volume reservoirs for applications involving high surges of water. Our pumps are particularly suited for commercial ice machines and the high volumes of water produced during the cleaning flush cycles as well as commercial and industrial air conditioning systems, large refrigeration units, and multiple unit installations to tie several drains into one disposal pump.

Plenum Air-Handling

  • Hartell PlenumPlus pumps are UL 2043 tested and meet all applicable NFPA codes. In the event of a fire, they won’t give off excessive heat or smoke, making PlenumPlus pumps the safest pumps in the industry in air-handling spaces.

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