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Retail Refrigerated Display Case Condensate Pumps

Advanced Pro-Active Alarm AI Technology in the Hartell Retail Refrigeration Pumps

The use of Artificial Intelligence has entered the world of condensate pumps with the launch of Hartell’s new, state-of-the-art Retail Refrigeration pumps. With its proactive AI technology, predictive analytics, diagnostics, and a proactive alarm system, Hartell's self-learning, self-monitoring condensate pumps prevent water damage or refrigeration unit shutdown. Hartell's new condensate pumps for retail refrigerated display cases use artificial intelligence to warn the customer of potential system failures via instant, non-intrusive visual and audible alerts. The notifications help prevent system downtime and water damage from the condensate water produced.

Thanks to Hartell's self-calibrating AI technology and the maintenance monitor, there is no need for specialist commissioning or installation training.

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