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Plenum Rated Condensate Pump A3/A5

Hartell’s Commercial Grade, High-Temperature Solution for Air Handling Spaces

Discover the pinnacle of condensate removal with Hartell Plenum Rated Condensate Pumps. They are engineered to excel in plenum air handling and ventilation spaces. Our cutting-edge commercial condensate pumps set new industry standards for safety, performance, and reliability.

Hartell Plenum Rated Condensate Pumps aren’t just condensate removal pumps, they are the perfect solution for plenum areas and will not give off excessive heat or smoke in the event of a fire. With decades of proven and exceptional performance, these pumps enhance the safety of air conditioning systems.

Key Features

  • UL 2043 Plenum Rated
  • Rated for use with temperatures up to 212°F
  • Heavy-duty construction for commercial applications
  • 12-month warranty

Unparalleled Safety

Safety is a paramount principle in air handling environments. Hartell’s Plenum Rated Range of Condensate Pumps are tested and approved to meet the esteemed UL 2043 (Third Edition) certification standard. It is currently the sole plenum rated condensate pump to achieve this remarkable UL certification. This showcases our dedication to ensuring safe operations within air handling systems.

High-Temperature Resilience

Air handling and ventilation spaces often demand equipment that can endure elevated temperatures up to 212° F without compromising performance. Engineered to thrive in high-temperature settings, it guarantees consistent operation even in demanding conditions. Say goodbye to concerns about overheating and trust in a pump that delivers exceptional performance without compromise.

Reliability Redefined

Dependable products are the cornerstone of Hartell’s range of Plenum Rated Condensate Pumps. Its precision engineering and robust construction ensure seamless functionality, reducing downtime and maintenance hassles. It is built to withstand the rigors of continuous operation. It provides a reliable solution for managing condensate in all types of high temperature applications.

Efficiency at its Core

Elevate the efficiency of your air handling installation with a Hartell Plenum Rated Condensate Pump. Its optimized design maximizes water removal efficiency, keeping your systems running smoothly and preventing potential disruptions. Experience enhanced peace of mind as you maintain a comfortable and productive environment.


Commercial Spaces

In commercial buildings such as offices, retail stores, and restaurants, maintaining optimal air quality is crucial. The Hartell Plenum Rated Condensate Pump excels in these spaces. It effectively manages condensate buildup and prevents any potential disruptions to air circulation. Its high-temperature resilience ensures consistent operation even during peak usage hours.

Industrial Settings

Manufacturing facilities and industrial spaces often face extreme conditions that can challenge equipment performance. A Hartell Plenum Rated Condensate Pump rises to the occasion with its high-temperature capabilities and rugged construction. It can play a crucial role in maintaining air circulation, contributing to a safe and productive workplace.

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities demand impeccable air quality to ensure patient comfort and safety. With its UL Standard 2043 (Third Edition) certification, the Hartell Plenum Rated Condensate Pump is the perfect fit for these environments. It reliably manages condensate in ventilation systems, contributing to a sterile and comfortable atmosphere.

Data Centers

Data centers house critical equipment that generates significant heat. Maintaining the correct environmental conditions is essential to prevent premature failure of highly sensitive equipment. The Hartell Plenum Rated Condensate Pump excels in these demanding environments, efficiently managing condensate and contributing to temperature control.

Installation and Maintenance

The Hartell Plenum Rated Condensate Pump is engineered for easy integration into various air handling setups. Its adaptable design accommodates different configurations, streamlining the installation process and saving valuable time.

Ultimate Safety & Efficiency

The applications of the Hartell Plenum Rated Condensate Pump are as diverse as the spaces it serves. It has unparalleled safety certification, high-temperature resilience, and reliable performance. This makes it the optimal choice for those who prioritize safety and efficiency in their air conditioning systems.

Models and Specification