LTP/LTS Series Waste Water Drain Pumps

Hartell’s LTP/LTS series, designed with a reservoir for laundry, wet bar, and industrial applications

Hartell’s LTP series medium-capacity reservoir pump is designed for laundry and wet bar applications. It is primarily used where the sink or appliance is installed below the plumbing drain.

The LTS is a heavy-duty high-capacity pump designed for moving large quantities of water. Used in commercial and industrial air-conditioning systems, large refrigeration units, and multiple unit installations to tie several drains into one disposal pump.

  • Suds-proof reservoir
  • Unitized construction
  • Structural foam polypropylene
  • Fits under utility sink reservoir
  • Simple, time-saving installation
  • Allows sink installation without breaking concrete
  • No main stack vent connection
  • 8-ft cord and plug
  • Sealed switch assembly
  • NSPC section 11.7.9, check local codes
Motor: (hp @ rpm) 1/4 @ 1725 1/3 @ 1725
Electrical 115V 5.0A 115V 5.6A
Inlet Size 1-1/2″ FNPT 1-1/2″ FNPT
Discharge Size 1″ FNPT 1″ FNPT
Reservoir Capacity 2 gallon 2 gallon
Unit Dimensions (WxDxH) 10″x12″x17″ 10″x12″x17″
Maximum Temperature 130°F 130°F
Sealed Reservoir Vapor seal Vapor seal
Weight 24 lbs. 24 lbs.


Lift (feet) LTP Flow (gph) LTS Flow (gph)
6 2370 1500
12 2628 2100
Maximum Lift 12 feet 16.5 feet

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